Racing Thoughts

Words. Words are one of the most important things in my life. I pride myself on my vocabulary and vernacular. I have the ability to express myself in great detail, and with ease due to this mastery of the English language that I claim I have. Words are dependable. Words are reliable. Words are ever… Continue reading Racing Thoughts

New Year, New Me, New Website!

It’s a new year! This year I’ve decided to try my best to better myself. I’ve come to terms with my bipolar diagnosis and I’m currently on medical leave, working on myself through an intensive outpatient program that specializes in mental health. It’s going fairly well I think, I’m learning a lot – and processing… Continue reading New Year, New Me, New Website!

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Why, people?

People, in general, are selfish, shallow, greedy. People lie, they cheat, and they steal. These are among a number of grievances I hold towards people. What’s¬†interesting however, is that these same grievances rarely ever carry over to the individual. A person, for all intents and purposes remains separate from the collective. A person has his… Continue reading Why, people?


Emotions. I’ll never get a handle on my emotions. I’ll never understand the unpredictability that they bring. They come in waves, they come hard, and they come fast. When I was younger I was diagnosed with anxiety. In my teens and early twenties it crippled me. When an emotion changed suddenly, panic would set in.… Continue reading Alonely