The Swings are Back

Lately, I’ve been doing pretty great. I suppose that’s probably why I haven’t been posting to my blog. I know that I promised to myself that I wouldn’t just let this website be a place to post my troubles and hardships – but nevertheless, I haven’t posted and now here I am posting a hardship.… Continue reading The Swings are Back

Racing Thoughts

Words. Words are one of the most important things in my life. I pride myself on my vocabulary and vernacular. I have the ability to express myself in great detail, and with ease due to this mastery of the English language that I claim I have. Words are dependable. Words are reliable. Words are ever… Continue reading Racing Thoughts


Emotions. I’ll never get a handle on my emotions. I’ll never understand the unpredictability that they bring. They come in waves, they come hard, and they come fast. When I was younger I was diagnosed with anxiety. In my teens and early twenties it crippled me. When an emotion changed suddenly, panic would set in.… Continue reading Alonely